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Success: the accomplishment of an aim or a purpose; the achievement of desired visions and planned goals.

In racing, success is measured by a team’s on track performance.  Corporate sponsorships, media attention, and merchandise sales all coincide with a team’s on track accomplishments.  Should a team’s finishing position be the only metric used in determining a team’s success? 

Not according to the definition of success.

Take a moment and think outside the box.  FDNY Racing, when viewed using the parameters of where it finished in a race, does not appear at first look to be successful at all.  On the contrary, the team has been extremely successful, accomplishing its purpose and attaining the goals for which it was formed.  

Jim Rosenblum, our partner, and more importantly our friend, did not form 

FDNY Racing with the intended purpose of winning races and championships.  He did it to give back, to help others, and so that no one would ever forget the sacrifices made on September 11th, 2001.  The team has never had the commonplace assets as are the norm in NASCAR racing.  No engineers, no professional pit crew, no state of the art equipment; but what they might lack in tangible assets, they make up for tenfold with honor and dedication.  FDNY Racing has been an integral part in raising funds for our nation’s fallen first responders, those we tragically lost on 9/11 and their brothers and sisters that have sacrificed their lives since.

“Dedication – Duty – Honor – Courage”

These are not just words to the members of the team – IT’S CODE.  These four words are the basis for the hard work and determination to get their truck on the track.

Our goal is to respectfully restructure the team, keeping its principle values in place, while elevating its success so that greater benefits can be bestowed upon the team’s philanthropic causes.