January 2001, we were expecting our second child.  We were traversing through the usual expectant parents motions (nursery prep, maternity leave approval, conversations with our 6 year old, and both working full time).  Unfortunately, our excitement and anticipation quickly turned to anxiety and uncertainty.

An unfortunate incident delivered us to the doors of our local pediatric emergency room.  It was there that we learned of the very distinct possibility that our baby would be born three months premature at just 3 pounds.  Through the tireless efforts of the hospital staff and visiting nurses, we were blessed to become parents again 9 weeks later to our second son.

Our medical tribulations did not end there with him.  The past 18 years have brought challenges, but with each one, our mindset of wanting to give back and help others has grown deeper.  Hence the formation of Draf10 Motorsports Inc. ™ and the Draf10 Foundation.  NASCAR’s only not for profit race team.

Since our initial formation, we have been honored to form a partnership with another racing organization that shares in our core beliefs of helping others…FDNY Racing. 

For Draf10 Motorsports and FDNY Racing there is more to racing than just winning.  Through our deep rooted passion for the sport of NASCAR we can help others…one lap at a time.